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Yo mama so fat

Yo mama so fat I had to take a train and two buses just to get on the her good side!

Yo mama so fat she wakes up in sections!

Yo mama so fat when she goes to an amusement park, people try to ride HER!

Yo mama so fat she sat on a quarter and a booger shot out of george washington's nose.

Yo mama so fat she rolled over 4 quarters and it made a dollar!

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yo mama sooo fat that she triped over wal-mart and k-mark and laned on target
Added: 15-Feb-2005   By: danny
yo mama
Added: 15-Feb-2005   By:
Yo mama soo fat ,I walked around her two times and got lost.4-June-2005 By:Meek
Added: 4-May-2005   By: Meek
Yo mama soo fat ,I walked around her two times and got lost.
Added: 4-May-2005   By: Meek
yo mama soo fat the tabale walk a way saying don't eat me
Added: 27-Sep-2005   By: frog
yo mama soo fat she sat in the bath tub and made the gran cyon.
Added: 12-Feb-2006   By: derrick
yur mama so fat that when i tried to drive around her i ran out of gas
Added: 19-Feb-2006   By: tyler
that fubn
Added: 19-Feb-2006   By: tyler
Added: 4-Mar-2006   By: rednugeisrev
Added: 11-Mar-2006   By: DARIUS
ok first of all if u are gonna put up jokes, please make sure that the shit is funny, and a nother thing, please make sure the joke is new and its not already on here
Added: 17-Mar-2006   By: sugerhuneyicet
yo mama so fat when she went in line they said next
Added: 17-Mar-2006   By: hannah
yo moma is so fat that when she sat on a quarter it wasnt there
Added: 22-Mar-2006   By: jose
yo mama so stupid that she sold her car for gas money
Added: 2-Apr-2006   By: your mama
yo mama so fat it takes here two trips to hule ass
Added: 2-Apr-2006   By:
that was by crios www.C_R_I_O_S@yahoo.com
Added: 2-Apr-2006   By:
Added: 25-Jul-2006   By: LINDSEY
these are some gay joke but cool jokes at the smae time
Added: 7-Nov-2006   By: jessica Langston
Yo mama so nasty they eat her on fear factor
Added: 19-Nov-2006   By: Keani Kama
yo mama so fat she went to new york wearing a yellow dress and got flagged down.
Added: 10-Jan-2007   By: who u think fool!
yo mama so dumb when she locked in a grocery stoer she starved to death!
Added: 10-Jan-2007   By: dp from the vg
yo mama so fat she has her own area code.
Added: 10-Jan-2007   By: latysha nash
yo mama so fat shes got more chins than a chinese restraunt!
Added: 10-Jan-2007   By: yo mama of course!
yo mama so dumb she sat on the tv and watched the couch
Added: 10-Jan-2007   By: dumbass homo
yo mama so nasty she has to pour salt water down her pants just to keep the crabs fresh!
Added: 10-Jan-2007   By: chicken
yo mama so fat shes got mayonaise runnign through her veins!
Added: 10-Jan-2007   By: best foods!
yo mama so dumb she went to mcdonalds and tried to put a milkshake on layaway!
Added: 10-Jan-2007   By: ronald mcdonald
yo mama is so old u hit her on the back and her tits fall off!
Added: 10-Jan-2007   By: fucking pigs
yo mama so fat she jumped up and got stuck in the air!
Added: 10-Jan-2007   By: exerciser
yo mama so fat she walks in the front door and trips over the back fence!
Added: 10-Jan-2007   By: construction worker
yo mamma so fat i cant hit my ke boordmj,mn.m.
Added: 27-Jan-2007   By:
you mamma so fat i wont see daylightr till r=tuesday
Added: 27-Jan-2007   By:
yo mammas so fat hey get off me bittch
Added: 27-Jan-2007   By:
yo mamma so fat she gave birth to twins and they still orbit the sun
Added: 27-Jan-2007   By:
yo mammas so fat that 1 cheek is is in comptom and one is still smutherting meeee
Added: 27-Jan-2007   By:
yo mmomma is so fat after i slapped one ass cheek 2 weeks later the other slapped me
Added: 27-Jan-2007   By: willie 2be
yo mamma so fat , when my dad picked her up for a date jhe had toget a variance
Added: 27-Jan-2007   By: willie 2 be
yo mamma so fat whe she snores / orca has an ortgasm
Added: 27-Jan-2007   By: willie2 be
Some were funny others got me in trouble with th teachers cause i laughed so much
Added: 13-Mar-2007   By: DaQuansha
yo jokes are lame and not really fuuny so if u want to make people laugh not gonna happen with your jokes
Added: 18-Mar-2007   By: baby_gurl25164
Yo mama so fat she uses two paint rollers to put on her lipstick
Added: 4-Apr-2007   By: sugababez

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