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Up in heaven St.Peter was at the gates of heaven, welcoming people in. He needed to run an errand, and at that time Jesus walked by.
St.Peter asked Him if He could take over for him while he went to run his errand. He explained to him what he should say to people and Jesus agreed, and off went St.Peter. When the first person came up, Jesus asked him, "So, what have you done all your life?"
The man replied,"I was a carpenter".
So Jesus leaned forward a bit, then asked him,"Did you have any family?"
The man replied," Yes i had a son. But he died". Jesus leaned forward even more. He then asked him one more question,"And what did your son look like?"
The man replied,"He had holes in his hands and feet".
So Jesus leaned forward once more and asked the man,"Father?".
The man replied,"Pinochio?".

Posted by: Sammy B-L     Posted on: 4-May-2006

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