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  Little Tony wanted a shotgun more than anything else for his birthday. His father promises that if he scores straight A's in school, he'll buy him the shotgun. So he works hard and studies every night. At the end of the year, the report card comes in and Little Tony got straight A's, so his father makes good on the promise and buys him the shotgun.

Thrilled with his new toy, Little Tony goes around town showing it off to all his friends until he runs into Slippery Carlo.

"Hey Slippery Carlo!" says Tony, "Check out my new shotgun!"

"That's pretty nice," says Carlo. "But I got a new gold watch and it's worth a lot more money than that shotgun. But you're my friend, so I tell you what. I make you a trade... my watch for your shotgun."

Little Tony thinks for a second and agrees to the trade.

He takes his shiny watch home and shows it to his father, who shakes his head and says:

"Tony, Tony, Tony. One day you're gonna be a man. And you're gonna come home early from work. And you're gonna go upstairs. And you're bust into your bedroom and find your wife in bed with another man. Waddaya gonna do? Say, 'Aye! Time's up!'"

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