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Blonde & Puzzle

A blonde calls her boyfriend on the phone with a problem.

"What's the matter?" he asks.

"Well, I've bought this jigsaw puzzle, but it's too hard. None of the pieces fit together and I can't find any edges."

"What's the picture of?" he asks.

"It's of a big rooster," she replies.

"All right," he says, "I'll come over and have a look."

When he arrives, she thanks him for coming over and leads him over to the kitchen table where she has it laid out.

He takes one look at what she's been struggling with and says, "Oh, for Pete's sake, put the cornflakes back in the box!"

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it figures..
Added: 17-May-2005   By: jasmine
that was pretty funny... i never would have guessed that.....
Added: 15-Jun-2005   By: tanya
cool joke.i mean come on the rooster and cornflakes.haha! cool site
Added: 12-Jul-2005   By: mc
hey this is funny it has happened to me befor and i have brown hair
Added: 17-Jul-2005   By: amy johnson
my dumb blond sister dosn't get it but i think its funny and i think she just wanted to see her boyfriend
Added: 1-Dec-2005   By: katelyn and mandy
HAHA.i love this joke because it reminds me of my blonde cousin!
Added: 15-Jan-2006   By: PLB
lol!funny thing;eh!
Added: 15-Jan-2006   By:
Added: 1-May-2006   By: AKA CHIEKA
its not very funny but its ok but i think u people could think of something better.
Added: 7-Jun-2006   By: Kari
wow funny funny! i like it !! you shoul e-mail me and i will give you some blonde jokes! i got some good ones! spongebobcutiesn@yahoo.com
Added: 28-Jun-2006   By: Sammy
Ha-Ha! Funny that was wrong
Added: 4-Apr-2007   By: Brittany
Ha-Ha! Funny that was wrong
Added: 4-Apr-2007   By: Brittany

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