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Gorilla in tree

Man sees a gorilla in his tree calls the cops they say its the gorilla that escaped from the zoo we will send somebody out few minutes later a zoo truck pulls up a man gets out with a dog,a set of handcuffs and a shotgun zoo man asks for the homeowners help homeowners asks what he has to do zoo man say "i will climb up in the tree and knock the gorilla to the ground, the dog will run up and bite him in the crouch and then you handcuff him homeowner says "whats the shotgun for?" zoo man says "in case that gorilla knocks me out of the tree, shoot that damn dog"

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That riddel was very very confusing!!!!!!!!!!!!
Added: 17-Oct-2004   By: joey
Added: 23-Apr-2005   By: xena
it was freaking stoopid!!!!!!!!!
Added: 28-Apr-2006   By: april

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